Woodbury Hall and Domain


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Woodbury Hall Charges

Complete Hall
Friday/ Saturday

$400 night   10am -10am next day
$200 for previous day if required for setting up
$200 - day hire  9am - 5pm

  Sunday to Thursday $200  night  10am - 10am next day
$100 day  9am-5pm

A deposit of $200 is required for a confirmed booking

 For charges for longer hires or part hires please contact the treasurer:  Mary Burgess 03 6937374

Payment can be made by cheque, cash or direct bank deposit (no EFTPOS available)

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  1. As well as the normal hire charge, a fully refundable bond of $250.00 (This may vary) is to be left when uplifting the keys.
  2. This bond will be returned in full if the hall is left in a clean, tidy and undamaged condition to the satisfaction of the Cleaner or Caretaker
  3. Hirers are asked in their own interest to ensure that the fire extinguishers are not fired off needlessly. As these are expensive to have recharged, the cost will be charged to the hirer.
  4. Any damage is to be reported; any decorations, floral etc., to be removed from the hall and domain or a charge of $50.00 will be made. Ballroom powder if used is to be removed from the floor.
  5. The bond will be refunded after 2 weeks by direct credit. Bank account details to be provided.
  6. Keys are to be returned the day after the hire of the hall or $50.00 of the bond will not be refunded.
  7. There is to be no greenery, hay bales or any other such inflammable material used as decorations in the Hall.
  8. All decorations and their attachments MUST be removed from the walls and Hall at the completion of any function.
  9.  All rubbish accumulated at a function is the responsibility of the Hirer and must be removed from the Hall and Grounds
  10. Tables MUST NOT be removed from the hall.
  11. Please restack tables and chairs in their designated places.
  12. Hirers must supply tea towels.
  13. Please read instructions for operation of dishwasher.
  14. Ensure power to hot water cylinder is switched off at completion of function.
  15. Ensure main power switch is turned off as you leave the hall.
  16. Washing Floor - Use Sunlight Dishwashing liquid at one (1) teaspoon per bucket of water. (20 buckets of water to complete hall floor successfully).
  17. Firewood provided, Donations for use gratefuly accepted
  18. Please replace all chairs in the "snug" area.