Woodbury Domain


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Woodbury Domain


In  1880 the Woodbury Domain was established  and in 1911 the Woodbury hall was built to celebrate the coronation of King George V. Over the years, various extensions have been made to the hall using timber cut from trees planted in the domain by the pioneers. It is now one of the biggest country halls in New Zealand and is widely used by the community.


The domain itself consists of a large  oval that is used for cricket matches in Summer. It is complete with an all-weather cricket pitch.  Outside of the oval are public toilets,  tennis courts and a modern children's playground.



A free gas Barbeque  with picnic tables is available to all visitors.




There is a tennis court available. The tennis club does have matches scheduled in Summer but outside of those times, it  can be used by anyone for a small donation.

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The cricket pavilion Gas Barbeque Playground
Tennis courts Playground Tennis courts